Noititeper ArtScience Den Haag

At Saterday 10th of March ArtsScience will show the results of a week working and experimenting together. Opening at 20:00 Repetition can create rhythm or make patterns, enhance skill, use it as a method or to erode. Repetition causes consolidation in the hippocampus, resulting in (stronger) memories.


Noititeper ArtScience Den Haag

Generator 9

It can provide comfort in the shape of habits or traditions. We are patterns recognition machines, they draw are eye and are aesthetically pleasing to us. Repetition can emphasize or desensitize. It can slowly erode the hardest material. Repetition is needed to master new skills and needed to run/swim/cycle the fastest. With repetition you can both lose or gain meaning. It can be a way to relieve stress or a symptom of it. Evolution is repetition with small but potentially significant changes. #defabriekedhv #kabk #ArtScience